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About Subaru XT

Subaru XT is a sport compact 2-door coupé manufactured by Japanese automaker Subaru division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) from 1985 to 1991. The first Subaru XT was introduced in February 1985 to the American market, followed by a June debut in Japan. It was called as Subaru Alcyone in Japan, as Subaru Vortex in Australia and New Zealand and as Subaru XT or Subaru XT6 in North America and Europe.
The Subaru XT was very different from Subaru's earlier models in its less practical application as it was not designed for carrying loads or for commercial uses. When Subaru XT was first introduced, it was powered by either a 1.8 L EA-82 H4 engine that could produce 97 horsepower and 103 pound-feet of torque or a 1.8 L turbocharged H4 engine which could produce 112 horsepower and 143 pound-feet of torque. And engines were fitted along with either a 4-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. Since the older version did not have competitive advantage, Subaru released XT6 in 1988. It got power mainly from a 2.7 L H6 engine that could produce 145 horsepower. And both XT and XT6 shared the transmissions. But after 1991, the Subaru XT was replaced by the much larger Subaru Alcyone SVX.

Subaru XT Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Actually, it is quite normal that as accumulation of mileage, your Subaru XT would start to have problems. What you should deal with this situation is to learn about how to diagnose these problems and solve them as early as possible in case further harm would be done to your Subaru XT. For example:
First, braking system failure. Lots of Subaru XT owners have complained about braking problem in car repair statistics site They stated that the brakes became super noisy, the brake pedal was pulsating and the brake system responded slowly and poorly. At the same time, they could find visible score marks on the rotors. If your Subaru XT's Brake Warning Light also gets activated, then you might as well inspect the XT brake disc, XT brake pad set and XT brake line to confirm which part exactly goes wrong.
Second, engine failure. This is actually a very serious problem as it would shorten the vehicle's lifespan. Subaru XT drivers said that the coolant would leak at the front-center of the car so that they have to add coolant frequently to prevent the vehicle from overheating. What's more, smoke would come from the engine and stem would come from the radiator. Engine performance also suffered a lot as misfiring, shaking while idling, stalling or backfiring and decreasing in power and acceleration. As long as the Check Engine Light comes on, the XT water pump, XT clutch master repair kit, XT distributor cap, XT EGR valve gasket, XT water pump gasket and XT oil pan gasket all need a thorough inspection.
Apart from above mentioned auto parts, there still are more auto parts in Subaru XT that should get maintained well. First of all, wiper blade, works as a cleaner and a provider of better driving visibility. It swings its blades back and forth to sweep off dirt, dust and any debris that block drivers' vision under harsh working environment. So it should get replaced at least once a year in sunny regions and half a year in humid areas. And fog light, headlight and other auto parts also work in open environment; they should get maintained in a regular basis as well.
If you have any need for brand new Subaru XT auto parts, we highly recommend you to go for OEM Subaru XT auto parts as they will fit your Subaru XT perfectly and give the optimum performance a full play. Lucky for you is that we offer all genuine Subaru XT auto parts in a wide range at the lowest price in the market. Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, you can shop these OEM XT parts with confidence as we also provide hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service.