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First produced in 1985 and assembled at the Yajima Plant in Gunma, Japan, the Subaru XT is a unique two-door coupe, famed for its jazzy design. Four designers collaborated on this sports car that was never intended for commercial or load-carrying use. The XT offered a front-engine layout with a choice of front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, though the former was discontinued in 1987. Its dimensions encompass a 97-in wheelbase, a length of 177.6 in, a width of 66.5 in, and a height of 52.6 in. Its performance and comfort came from a choice of a 1.8 L EA-82 H4 engine or a turbocharged version, capable of delivering 97 hp and 103 ft·lb, and 112 hp and 143 ft·lb respectively. Both manual and automatic transmissions were available. The XT was ahead of its time, equipped with features like a digital instrument cluster, turbocharger, adjustable height suspension, and a pistol-grip shifter. Its exterior was revolutionary, opting for sharp lines over smooth, enhancing handling and performance. While it was eventually replaced by the Subaru SVX in 1992, the XT's robust and attractive design, as well as its pleasant driving experience, remains an appreciated memory for its users.

Over time, it's normal for Subaru XT vehicles to encounter issues due to mileage accumulation. Notably, users on reported braking system failures, including excessive noise, pulsating brake pedals, slow response, and visible score marks on the rotors, often signaled by an activated Brake Warning Light. In such cases, inspecting the XT brake disc, brake pad set, and brake line could pinpoint the issue. Engine failure is another serious concern that could shorten the vehicle's lifespan. Drivers have observed coolant leaks, necessitating frequent top-ups to avoid overheating, and have seen smoke from the engine and steam from the radiator. Engine performance may also decline, exhibiting misfiring, shaking at idle, stalling, backfiring, and reduced power and acceleration, especially when the Check Engine Light is on. Such symptoms warrant a thorough inspection of components like the XT water pump, clutch master repair kit, distributor cap, EGR valve gasket, water pump gasket, and oil pan gasket. Aside from these issues, maintaining other auto parts is crucial, such as wiper blades that operate under harsh conditions and should be replaced annually in sunny areas and biannually in humid regions. Similarly, regular maintenance of components like fog lights and headlights, which are exposed to external elements, is vital.

Genuine parts undergo the strict quality control tests, so you can be sure they're of top quality and durability. When the need for Subaru XT parts, including Inner Accessories, Manual Transmission arises, make our website your first port of call. We carry an expansive selection of genuine Subaru XT parts, such as Outer Accessories, Differential & Propeller Shaft, all offered at the most competitive prices. We uphold stringent quality standards, hence every OEM part is backed by a manufacturer's warranty. Moreover, we operate with a steadfast commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.