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    Subaru's history combining vehicle safety and strength makes it one of the safest cars on the market. This unique combination along with other safety features makes it ideal for drivers of all ages. In any event, if you need genuine Subaru auto parts, our dedicated service at SubaruPartsDeal has you covered.

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    Subaru's unique engine designs provide power to each wheel making its all-wheel drive system symmetrical. This concept results in a better balance. To maintain Subaru's award-winning reliability, our inventory of OEM Subaru parts are offered at the lowest possible prices. It is our mission at SubaruPartsDeal to give you access to our online catalog at discounted prices.

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    Subaru is a Japanese brand with a reputation among automakers as a leader in delivering vehicles that are reliable with remarkable performance. We too have a reputation in offering you fast and affordable shipping on all Subaru parts and accessories while delivering them directly to you quickly by utilizing major national carriers.

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About Subaru

Subaru is the automotive division of the Japanese transportation conglomerate. In 2017, it was the twenty-first largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. Subaru vehicles are known for their boxer engine. It is used in most vehicles over 1500 cc. Symmetrical all-wheel drive was introduced in 1972. By 1996, both systems were standard equipment in most medium and small vehicle markets. The only exception is the BRZ. The P-1 had a four-cylinder engine and independent front-wheel drive. It was later renamed the 1500. it was the first single-door design car developed in Japan. It halted sales due to financing and maintenance problems. However, it soon overcame the difficulties. The company developed and produced dozens of cars, including the small air-cooled 360, the Samba, and the 1000. The government arranged several mergers in the Japanese automobile industry to become more competitive.
In 1966, the company launched the 1000. It was the first vehicle equipped with drive technology. It is driven with front-wheel drive and a horizontally mounted engine. It developed the world's first electronically controlled continuously variable transmission. This technology was introduced at the end of the decade in the new models. Its cars are available with manual transmissions and continuously variable transmissions. It manufactures both manual and CVT transmissions in-house. Since the 1970s, all conventional automatic transmissions have been Jatco models modified to specifications. The transmissions in Subaru cars have been replaced with Lineartronic CVT transmissions since the 2014 model year. All of its three-speed transmissions are manufactured by Jatco. It uses two types of traction control systems: Active Torque Split or Variable Torque Distribution. The Active Torque Split directly controls the front and rear wheels via a hydraulic clutch. The controller regulates various factors. They include vehicle speed, gear position, and wheel speed.

Masterpieces of Subaru

Subaru is stronger and safer than ever - the result of ever-changing production methods and endless technological advances. It all starts with the design of the car and the quality of the materials used. A highly rigid chassis and suspension form the basis for improved performance in everything from driving dynamics to accident protection. The chassis is the structural part that supports all the main components of the car. It is an ideal platform for an unparalleled driving experience. When the engineers designed the chassis, they sought to maximize strength and torsional rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum. This approach resulted in a better all-around feel and more precise and stable handling. The exceptionally strong chassis also allows the suspension system to work more efficiently. It has a smoother ride and protects the rider from noise and vibration. The lightweight design improves the power-to-weight ratio and reduces fuel consumption.
The company produced the high-performance SVX, the popular Legacy-based Outback, and the sporty Impreza. If your car needs a Subaru parts replacement, then you've come to the right place. You don't have to worry about the price. We know you need Subaru parts fast to get your beloved car back in working order. We can offer a wide selection of Subaru parts at an affordable price. And they are ready to ship. We offer quality Subaru parts, like oil filters and air filters. Aside from ensuring that your car stays in tip-top shape on the road, installing original auto performance and repairing Subaru parts guarantees fewer mechanical issues. Indeed, OEM Subaru parts enhance, rather than harm, the operational life of your equipment.