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About Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by Japanese automaker Subaru division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) since1989. The first Subaru Legacy was introduced on January 23, 1989 in Japan and soon became Subaru's flagship car. Subaru Legacy is a very popular vehicle that has been produced through six generations. At the same time, it has won many awards and recognition such as 2003-2004 Japan Car of the Year, 2005 International Car of the Year and so on.
The fifth generation Subaru Legacy (2009-2014) - BM, BR was officially introduced at the 2009 New York Auto Show after its concept version debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. 2.5GT and 3.6R Limited trim levels were available. Subaru Legacy then got power from 2.5 L flat-4 and 3.6 L flat-6 engines and engines were mated to 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmissions. Then at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the sixth generation Subaru Legacy (2014-present) - BN, BS was unveiled. It now is available in base 2.5i, 2.5i Premium, 2.5i Sport, 2.5i Limited and 3.6R Limited trim levels. Though powertrain is basically carried over from previous generation, output, however, is slightly increased.

Subaru Legacy Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Subaru Legacy is Subaru's flagship vehicle, it is still unavoidable to wear and tear. In order to slow down its wearing process and lengthen its lifespan, you have the need to learn about how to maintain it well, which includes diagnosing and solving problems as early as possible.
First, engine failure. Generally speaking, the engine starts to fail can be seen as the preview of the vehicle is wearing out. According to Subaru Legacy owners, the engine would gulp more oil every mile than usual. At the same time, an obvious decrease not only in fuel efficiency but also in engine performance happens. Loss of power while accelerating, knocking sound from the engine, leaking oil marks on the ground as well as illuminated Check Engine Light are not rare as well. If your Subaru Legacy is also unable to start, you need to inspect the Legacy timing cover, spark plug and head gasket.
Second, suspension failure. Every driver knows that a proper suspension system would create a pleasurable driving trip and keep occupants comfortable. However, in Subaru Legacy, some drivers told that after the vehicle reached at a certain mileage, problems such as abnormal tire wear, loud grinding or roaring sound from the tire area, a more and more vibrating steering wheel would happen; at the same time, the tire and wheel assembly move back and forth. If these symptoms appear on your Subaru Legacy, then your Legacy wheel bearing must have something wrong.
However, there are many auto parts in a vehicle; it is really hard to focus every one. Some auto parts can last as long as your vehicle's lifespan, some not. In Subaru Legacy, you should focus on the wiper blade. As it is exposed to harsh working conditions long time, it cleans off debris on windscreen by swinging back and forth to provide better driving visibility. So for your driving safety, please include it in your routine maintenance plan.
If you cherish your Subaru Legacy enough, you would want to give it the best. And the OEM Subaru Legacy auto parts would not only fit your vehicle perfectly but also make sure it can make full use of its performance. At the same time, our website offers all genuine Subaru Legacy parts at the lowest price in the market. All our OEM Legacy parts are favored by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service.