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The Subaru Legacy, a mid-size car produced from 1989 to 2020, holds a unique position in its class, offering an all-wheel drive and Subaru's traditional boxer engine as standard. Debuting in 1989, the Legacy was introduced to compete with a variety of models, featuring the EJ engine which was both quieter and more powerful than previous iterations. It came in a 5-door wagon or 4-door sedan with front-wheel drive and an optional all-wheel drive. Special features included 4-channel ABS, licensed from Bosch, and air suspension height control. The sixth and final generation of Legacy was unveiled at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show. Built on the Subaru Global Platform, it retained some of the exterior styling from the previous generation but featured a redesigned interior and an 11.6-inch touchscreen on all trims except the base model. Notably, the 2020 model replaced the outgoing 3.6 liters EZ36 flat-six engine with a turbocharged 2.4-liter FA24 flat-four engine. The Legacy has sold over three million units worldwide and has received accolades including the "1990's Best New Sedan" by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) and the 2007 Top Gear Car Of The Year for the Legacy Outback.

Although the Subaru Legacy is a flagship vehicle, like any car, it's not immune to wear and tear. To extend its lifespan, owners need to diagnose and resolve issues promptly. One common problem is engine failure, which often presents as increased oil consumption, decreased fuel efficiency, reduced engine performance, and an illuminated Check Engine Light. If your Legacy is struggling to start, it's advisable to inspect the timing cover, spark plug, and head gasket. Another commonly reported issue is suspension failure, leading to abnormal tire wear, loud noises from the tire area, a vibrating steering wheel, and unsteady tire and wheel assembly movement. These symptoms often indicate an issue with the wheel bearing. Besides these, routine maintenance is crucial for all parts, especially the wiper blade, which works in harsh conditions to clear the windscreen and ensure good visibility. Hence, for safety, it should be a key part of your maintenance schedule.

Original equipment manufacturer parts are the best in terms of quality. Manufactured using the top materials to ensure their durability, genuine parts are the #1 choice to keep your vehicle at peak performance. They are also designed to match official Subaru factory specifications for easy installation and a snug fit. Should you find yourself in need of new Subaru Legacy parts, including Inner Accessories, Manual Transmission, feel free to browse our extensive selection of genuine Subaru Legacy parts, such as Outer Accessories, Differential & Propeller Shaft. Not only are all our OEM parts priced competitively, but they also come with a manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Subaru Legacy Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to Remove and Replace a Throttle Body?
    A: Disconnect the negative battery terminal and remove the air filter housing. Detach the accelerator and cruise control cables, air bypass hose, and electrical connectors from the throttle body. Mark and remove the coolant hoses and throttle body mounting bolts. Remove the throttle body and discard the gasket. Clean the gasket surfaces and throttle body bore. Reinstall in reverse order and check the coolant level.
  • Q: How to Replace a Turbocharger on a Subaru Legacy?
    A: Disconnect the negative battery terminal and remove the engine cover, inter-cooler, front exhaust pipe, and turbocharger joint pipe. Remove the coolant return hose, turbocharger, oil inlet line bracket bolt, banjo bolts, coolant hose, and right turbocharger bracket. Remove the oil outlet hose and turbocharger. Strip remaining parts and install on the new turbocharger. Use new sealing washers for banjo fittings. Tighten banjo bolts to torque. Use a new gasket and nuts for the joint pipe. Apply anti-seize compound to studs and tighten nuts to torque. Refill coolant and oil, start the engine and check for leaks.
  • Q: What Are the Signs of Water Pump Failure?
    A: Water pump failure, causing engine damage due to overheating, is indicated by coolant leakage and a howling sound. This shouldn't be confused with drivebelt slippage, which squeals. The pump is at the engine's front, and a coolant puddle under the vehicle likely means a failed pump seal. Noise from the pump suggests a worn impeller shaft bearing, possibly confirmed by wiggling the drive pulley.